Off The Wall Indoor/Outdoor Training - A Soccer Skills Masterclass

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$ 19.95

An innovative collection of formats designed to develop the skills necessary to excel in the modern "first ball game" tactics of top teams such as Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and others. While the exercises are ideal for indoor training, they can easily be incorporated into outdoor training sessions with any wall or even overturned bench.

The Ultimate Skills Test:

Players - Do you have what it takes to master the skills to the standard shown on this video? If you can do these skills with speed and control, you can be considered an elite player and you should be confident in your ability to excel on the ball at the highest levels of the game. With these skills, you have the tools to deal with any situation that may arise in a match.

Coaches - Implement a Skills Test using for your players using these formats and evaluate their progress regularly. It is always a challenge to motivate players to improve technically. Show them this video and challenge them to match the skills on show.  



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