Video Download FAQs

How do I purchase a Video Download?
To purchase a video download, simply choose Video Download as the delivery method, add it to your cart and checkout as usual. You can order as many as you want at a time and your cart can contain both physical and downloadable products.
How do I get my download?
After successfully checking out, you will receive an email containing a link to download your video file.
What format is the downloaded video file?
All of our downloads are in the popular mp4 format, which can be viewed using just about any software including iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, VLC Player and more. Our videos are also playable on your iOS or Android device.
How do I get the file into my iTunes library?
To add the file to your iTunes Library, open iTunes, go to Movies and drag and drop the file there.
How do I get the file onto my tablet or smartphone?
There are several ways to view your downloaded video file on your tablet or smartphone. Both iOS and Android devices have their own method for doing this, but we recommend using a file sharing service such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, all of which have apps for both iOS and Android that will play video. Simply upload your video file to your account on one of these services, open the app on your device and play the file from there.
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