Set Plays - Dutch Soccer School Part 6 (DVD)

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Every aspect of developing and implementing effective and practical restart plays into your team's on-field repertoire are examined.

  • Corners : In-swinging to the near post, short options, out-swinging to the middle and top of the penalty area, screening opponents to create space, and defensive options including man-to-man or zonal marking, defenders positioned on each post, and defending against specific corners.
  • Free Kicks : Types, function and organization of the defensive wall, direct free kick options, indirect options, defending against specific free kicks and other defensive tactics.
  • Throw-ins in the Attacking Third :variations include long and short throw-ins and defensive options.
  • Penalty Kicks : the run-up, strike and placements are examined plus the psychological aspect.

Various techniques necessary to execute these plays, including kicking with the instep, inside and outside of the foot, bending balls, lobs and drives are taught and demonstrated.

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