Soccer's Greatest: The Complete Series (10 DVDs)

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Who is the greatest footballer of all time?
From the mighty Maradona to the sublimely skilful Pele, from the creative genius of Zidane to the tricks and flicks of Ronaldinho, every supporter has his opinion on who is the finest player in the history of the sport. In a unique series of episodes, 'Soccer's Greatest' makes a case for 25 football megastars. Each episode features some of the greatest moments from that player's career, from sensational goals to fantastic moments of skill, as well as interviews with the player's teammates, coaches, friends and families to reveal what made that star so special.

The series also includes 'The Contenders', a look at another 25 world superstars who just missed the cut.

Packed with stunning action from the true giants of the game both past and present, this unique and in-depth series will have fans around the world talking and comparing results. A simply fantastic series.

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