Game Situation Training CD-ROM

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The game itself is the best teacher, so here is a series of comprehensive practices and coaching ideas that help you to train young players under game-like conditions. Includes 15 training games supported by training points and over 150 video clips. Enough to help you prepare for many seasons worth of practices.

Easy to find what you need
Just click on the Table of Contents to expand the list of topics and select what you want to see.

Take the information wherever you need it
Bring it along on paper. All topics and the active video window can be printed

Learn from text, video and graphics
Every topic is explained in words and demonstrated in video clips.

Study and analyze
Video features like PLAY, SLOW MOTION, ZOOM, and FRAME-BY-FRAME viewing allow for thorough analysis of video clips.

Great for interactive learning
The Drawing Tool allows you to emphasize information when working with others

We help you get started
Diagrams show practice game objectives and set-ups.


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