Dutch Training Techniques (3 DVD Set)

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Set of 3 DVDs

Many soccer coaches know that the Dutch have a truly remarkable reputation for developing players to the highest level. In this DVD series you will see, up close and personal, exactly what highly experienced, fully licensed Dutch-trained coaches say to developing players to help them become better soccer players.

You’ll hear the over-arching philosophies of Dutch soccer that guide Dutch coaches and then you’ll be with Jan, Terry, Harry and Theo right down on the field with the players so that you can see and hear precisely what coaching points they make… and why they make them.

Dutch Training Techniques will give you the insight and the practical applications that will help you create a team that plays beautiful, effiective soccer.


Jan Pruijn has served as Ajax Amsterdam’s Head of International Youth Development, is currently Technical Director for Ajax Cape Town and has also been a Head Coach in the Dutch Eredivisie.

Terry Michler, the winningest High School soccer coach in the U.S. has utilized Dutch training techniques to create teams that play beautiful, effective soccer that have claimed 6 State Championships.

Harry Jansen and Theo Derks, both fully-licensed Dutch coaches, travel the world sharing their tremendous soccer insights.

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